Sesame Street’s Roosevelt Franklin Does the Alphabet

I have been going through old books at my family’s homestead this week and found a bunch of Sesame Street stuff. I did not realize it, but I have a lot of stuff starring Franklin Roosevelt. They took you away from me Franklin, but I still miss you.


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One thought on “Sesame Street’s Roosevelt Franklin Does the Alphabet

  1. I still don’t understand the REAL reason he was taken away from us… I’ve read a few things that say he was too offensive or that he was too rowdy, but having watched what I could on youtube, I don’t see it… I think the REAL reason had to do with original Gordon’s (Matt Robinson) departure from the series due to his health problems… I think he was really retired out of respect for his creator… Which sucks for those of us that love his funny antics… Roosevelt was the Elmo of his time… But better… ;^)

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