He-Man Talking Toothbrush

I am He-Man! I’m Strong as can be, and I brush my teeth with regularity. Once in the morning and once at bed time, and after each meal, so my teeth will shine…

[via] Joe Armory


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6 thoughts on “He-Man Talking Toothbrush

  1. I had the talking R2D2 and C3P0 alarm clock. My sister had the talking Smurf toothbrush holder. “It’s time to smurf your teeth, to keep them sparkling white, smurf them after all you eat, morning noon and night …”

  2. I had this! I have no idea where it ever went….I guess used toothbrushes werent something my mom felt would be a good collectors item. Thanks alot mom! This thing was awesome and I had totally forgotten about it. Thank you Retroist!

  3. One of these is still alive and well in my parents’ attic, and I will probably never forget

    I’m He-Man, I’m strong as can be
    I brush my teeth with regularity
    One in the morning and once at bed time
    and after each meal so my teeth will shine
    you’ll remember this saying if you rehearse
    and you’ll be like the Masters of the Universe

  4. RM Camp says:

    @ RobDN Nope, the figure wasn’t removable. In fact, it wasn’t movable, period. It was likely made from the same mold, mind you, but the joints were glued and the legs weren’t all rubber band-y. Also, the right hand had a handle molded into it so it would look like He-Man was gripping the handle to his shield, which wasn’t actually attached to the shield.

    My talking toothbrush got kinda wonky after a bit, eventually saying:

    I’m He-Man, I’m strong as can be,
    And I teeth with regularity! […]

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