UrbanEars Tanto Headphones

UrbanEars Tanto Headphones

Remember when you were cool. You know, back in the ‘80s when you were walkin’ down the street with your brand new Walkman listening to something cool, like “Endless Summer Nights” by Richard Marx. Okay, maybe something cooler than that. After all, you were an early adopter. Maybe you were listening to Dexy’s Midnight Runners or Queen and Bowie doing “Under Pressure,” or maybe your sweetie made you an awesome mix tape.

Whatever your genre, the Walkman made portable music a reality. Something we take for granted these days. Your music could fit into your jacket pocket and your headphones had decent sound and were pretty lightweight.

Well, now you can relive the good ol’ days with The Tanto headphones by Urbanears which achieve the same sleek and minimalistic look of the original Walkman headphones, but sound even better. I tried them out in a variety of conditions…at home, at the gym, and walkin’ around town. I’m no audiophile, but the sound quality was pretty sweet in all situations…no muddy sound, great bass, no static or unwanted interference. I could drown out the outside world and just focus on my tunes…just what I’m looking for.

I like that these headphones are like the old school Walkman headphones, they’re retro and quasi-industrial, yet I don’t need to cover my ears with huge cereal bowls. The “cans” look good, but just aren’t as convenient as these sleek Nordic beauties. The foam padded, fabric-covered earpieces are much more comfortable than either cover-the-ears headphones or earbuds. And for you younger readers that are concerned about a good fit because you’re used to sticking things in your ears, the ball-join mechanism lets the earpieces swivel both vertically and horizontally to fit the shape of your ear.

The Tanto headphones are über light and didn’t pinch my ears, and considering the size of my giant melon, that’s no small feat. They are compatible with any music player using a 3.5 mm standard, such as iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, etc. And the headphones come with two extra cable extensions, which make The Tanto work with more devices.

Sound quality and cool styling is great, but my favorite feature? The fabric cord. It doesn’t get all tangled up like my iPod earbuds…I spend five minutes unwinding those gosh darn earbuds before I can listen to my tunes. With The Tanto’s fabric cord, I just plug in and jam.

Oh, and in addition to great sound quality, fabric cord, and general super cool retro ‘80s styling, you get to pick your own color! And there are many to choose from. I’m a fan of the Pool, though Army is more badass. It’s like eye candy for your ears.

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