The New Adventures of He-Man Toy Commercial (1990)

Okay…let’s be honest here. This boy has a very major problem. It would seem that his bedroom is a focal point, a spot where the boundaries of two realities have become so stretched and thinned to the breaking point as to allow Skeletor to cross over into our dimension. That kid has to sleep sometime…what happens if Skeletor comes back then?!

I’m probably thinking about this way too much.

A big thanks to Spaced Cobra TV over on YouTube for uploading this.


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2 thoughts on “The New Adventures of He-Man Toy Commercial (1990)

  1. Both the He-Man power sword and Skeletor Staff were FREAKING AWESOME. I had given both as gifts to various friends during the early 90s and no matter what the age, everyone loved them.

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