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When I was younger, denim jackets were all the rage in my school. Usually they would be “customized” either professionally with patches or embroidery of some sort, but more often the customization was more “homemade”. This meant the use of colored markers accompanied by buttons…lots of buttons. Metal was all the rage back then and many people had a thing for Quiet Riot. Maybe it is because I am spending some time in my hometown this month, but I was thinking about those metal heads and their buttons, which got me browsing Hake’s wonderful button selection. It did not take me long to locate a familiar pin…


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2 thoughts on “Quiet Riot Button

  1. After purchasing Metal Health upon it’s release I immediately had to construct a version of the iconic mask from the cover and videos. I used tinfoil, cardboard, and good intentions. None of those materials produced results that were anything other than terrible, but I wore that thing for weeks as I listened to the album.

  2. plcary says:

    Good stuff, I got to interview the late Kevin Dubrow while working at a rock station several years ago. He was very personable and seemed to still really enjoy performing. “Cum on feel the noize” is one of those iconic songs that people will never forget.

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