Mouse Trap the Board Game vs. Mouse Trap the Playset

I lusted after Mouse Trap as a kid. Now I am not sure if I am in the minority of people when I say this, after all this game has been around forever and has sold millions of copies (guess), but as a game it is just not all that fun. It looks amazing and a Rube Goldberg style game is something that the world needs, but Mouse Trap works so much better as a toy that I am not sure why they have not abandoned the whole “game” pretense and made it into a sandbox-y type building system. Sell this as a building kit with addons and count me in Milton Bradley!

Now, even though I KNOW I do not enjoy this game that much, when I watch this commercial, I still want to break it out. I cannot fully explain that.


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5 thoughts on “Mouse Trap the Board Game vs. Mouse Trap the Playset

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Finally, a site willing to speak the truth about this game. I would like to see a playset, though.

  2. Dudley88 says:

    I had fun playing it as a game. Problem was that it didn’t take long for me to lose the spring. And, as I remember, that’s what happened with most kids who had the game.

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