13 Dead End Drive

13 Dead End Drive and its sequel 1313 Dead End Drive are murder-themed board games from Milton Bradley released in 1993 and 2002 respectively. These games might be some of the most violent ever aimed at a family audience, because unlike Clue, which it is often compared to, in Dead End Drive the goal is to kill your rivals to win the game, not solve a murder. I have owned a copy of this gem since 1993 and while I never picked up the sequel, I did not have to, the original has remained a favorite among my friends and family.

Until I sat down to mention it here, I did not realize it, but the game is sort of rare nowadays, but it is a great addition to your game library. So keep your eyes peeled at Flea Markets or if you got the cash, pick up a new copy today.


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3 thoughts on “13 Dead End Drive

  1. 13 Dead End Drive came in a large box (the same size as Hotels and other Milton Bradley games of that era). In 2002, Hasbro re-released the game under their Parker Brothers label (which was weird, considering they also own Milton Bradley), and shrank the box size down to a small square. The Milton Bradley label was not on the 2002 edition. Of the two, the original is of better quality, but there is something to be said for having a metal pig deathtrap take out your opponent’s pawn.

  2. vinvectrex says:

    To me, this was Moustrap’s more fun cousin. It has the clever plastic elements of Moustrap, but is much more enjoyable to play.

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