Tobor the 8th Man Opening (1965)

Thanks to YouTube, this afternoon has been one of new discoveries for animated series! I’ve no knowledge of this classic anime show from back in 1965, it does look pretty interesting though judging from it’s opening.

Tobor or 8 Man or eightman was created in 1961 by artist Jiro Kuwata and writer Kazumasa Hirai, the character has been rumored to be the inspiration for Robocop. In 1965 the animated series was purchased for American syndication distribution by ABC Films, 52 of the 56 original episodes were converted into English episodes. The cast of characters were renamed for English speaking audiences, 8 Man became Tobor, or Tobor the 8th Man, also known as Special Agent Peter Brady. Apparently the writers of the converted series possessed a sense of humor as when Japanese characters were seen on signs a character might mention, “I could figure out where we were if the signs weren’t written in gibberish.”

8 Man received a revival in 1993 with 8 Man After…and it looks to be a little darker than the original source.

As far as I can tell, Tobor the 8th Man has nothing to do with the telesonic robot toy the Retroist posted about a few years back.

A big thanks to the Monster Movie Music and More Blog for the screencap of Tobor you see up top!


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