Peace on Earth, holiday cartoon from way back..

I can’t recall the first time I have seen this cartoon, but I was young.  It was very frightening to me.  The message of the cartoon got through to my young mind; that some wars just do not make any sense.  Why go to war if it will end in destruction for all?

This Christmas,
remember this and seek to bring
Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men.

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7 thoughts on “Peace on Earth, holiday cartoon from way back..

  1. This cartoon has an interesting back story. The guy who produced it had survived World War I, and saw WWII looming on the horizon. MGM didn’t know what to do with the finished cartoon, which was anti-war, showed a realistic, Disney-level quality of animation, but had cartoon animals. It’s really an amazing work.

  2. One of my absolute favorite cartoon shorts of all time. Thank you very much, Retro Justin, for posting this.

    Drahken…I haven’t actually seen the remake before. Interesting.

  3. This cartoon always really made me uneasy as a kid (and still does) but I think that was kind of the idea, right? After I saw it I always knew that Disney style anthrpomorphic animals were waiting in the wings for all of us to kill each other so they could take over the world. Great post man! … that I think about it those vegatarians ARE kind of annoying……..

  4. Drahken says:

    Personally, I like the original better. The grandpa in front of a fire is much warmer & friendlier than the priest in a church. Also, while both have strong religous overtones, the remake is blatantly religous, and very preachy. I think most people wind up in agreememnt & that’s why you never see the remake, even though the original gets aired semi-frequently.

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