Hallmark Arcade Ornaments

In 2008, Hallmark released a holiday ornament in the shape of a Pac-Man cabinet.


The cabinet came with a couple of small watch batteries as well. What does this thing need watch batteries for? Well, if you press the tiny player button on the tiny arcade game, the machine lights up and plays the Pac-Man theme! How cool is that?

In 2009, they released a second miniature cabinet. It also lights up and plays both much and sound effects from the game.


Both of these ornaments retailed for just under $20 in 2008/2009 (respectively), and can still be found for around that same price today. Unfortunately there were no new miniature cabinets released in 2010 and 2011, so it appears that this particular line of ornaments is dead.

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7 thoughts on “Hallmark Arcade Ornaments

  1. I have the second one. I got it as a prop for my action figures. Currently Admiral Ackbar is rocking that Galaga cabinet.

    And man, I didn’t pay nearly close to 200 for mine.

  2. Ok, that was a terrible typo. They were $20, not $200.

    (I have now updated the original post. Sorry about that! You are right, for $200, it should definitely be playable.)

  3. I have them both hanging on my tree now. Both still have the original batteries in them and they work. I hope more games come out.

    These ornaments are great to watch for retro characters and items.

  4. Jeff Spega says:

    I got the Pac-Man one from my sister years ago. Cool but I was distracted to no end by the inaccurate marquee. Not only is it wrong, but the artwork looks smaller than what is on a real cab. Why change it? I know all the art is basically wrong, but the marquee is especially bothersome to me.

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