The Rocketeer: 20th Anniversary Edition on Blu-Ray

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of director Joe Johnston’s (Captain America: The First Avenger) action-filled, witty The Rocketeer. Now with state-of-the-art digital restoration and enhanced high definition sound, experience it as it jets off for the first time on Disney Blu-ray™.

The discovery of a top-secret jetpack hurls test pilot Cliff Secord into a daring adventure of mystery, suspense, and intrigue! Cliff encounters an assortment of ruthless villains, led by a Hollywood screen star who is a secret Nazi spy. With the help of his actress girlfriend, the young pilot battles enormous odds to defeat his foes who are anxious to use the device in an evil plan to rule the world. The dangerous mission transforms the ordinary young man into an extraordinary hero.

I have been on the internet for a long time. So I have been surprised that it took me so long to find that their is a group of people who do not like the movie, The Rocketeer. They are a minority, but a vocal one. These poor misguided people seem to think that the movie is a near success, but that it was not the complete package, say like Indiana Jones. Of course, we who love this film, know how wrong they are. We also know the only reason the film did not get a sequel was due to poor performance due to stiff competition when it came out from films like City Slickers and the over-hyped Robin Hood.

Those of us who were serious about the film and saw it multiple times, were depressed when the film did not break records at the box office. Without the money, we would be denied a sequel, and we were.

Well, we may never get that Rocketeer sequel (although a reboot might be nice — TRON proves it could work), but we finally got a very good release of the Rocketeer in HD, just in time for the 20th Anniversary (funny how that happens).

Yes, The Rocketeer had been released on DVD in 1999, but I, like many people thought that transfer was subpar. This Blu-Ray will instantly erase all memories of that release. This Rocketeer is crisp and on my TV looked nearly perfect. The audio sounds great, I am no audiophile and in no way does the audio on The Rocketeer measure up to a modern’s movies audio, but I thought the FX were strong and the voices came through loud and clear.

My one criticism is the complete lack of extras on the disc. This is an anniversary edition and to me that means making it a little deluxe. I mean after the DVD release, beggars can’t be choosers, but at least throw us a bone. All you get with the Rocketeer: 20th Anniversary Edition in the way of extras is the original trailer.

While that is disappointing. I am so overwhelmed by finally seeing The Rocketeer look this clean and crisp, that I am willing to overlook the lack of extras. Unless of course the 25th Anniversary has a host of extras, in which I will grumble. I mean I will buy it, but I will grumble. What else can I do, I am a believer in The Rocketeer. If you are as well, pick up a copy of The Rocketeer: 20th Anniversary Edition on Blu-Ray today.


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