Super Powers Skyscraper Caper Board Game

Super Powers Skyscraper Caper Board Game

I love the Super Friends and the super powers merchandise line. I had the lunchbox The Hall of Justice. Ah, Kenner, did you make a toy line I did not love as a kid.

Fast forward to grown up me browsing the Goodwill auctions. When I saw the Super Powers board game and in 3D no less! Of course I had to buy it. I even over paid for it but I did not care. This was something Super Powers that I did not know about- I had to have it.  If you also have fond memories of the Super Friends you better stop reading now because the rest of the review is a bit of a let down.

The box arrived and I set the play area up and convinced my fiancé to play with me because she is cool like that. At first look, the game looked epic. Small figures of the heroes and villains placed along the roofs of the 3D buildings.

Here is how game plays- you play as one of the heroes and move around the roof top arresting the villains pushing them off the roofs to their deaths. I know Batman is hard on the bad guys but I don’t remember an issue where he just chucks the Penguin off a 40-story building watching him splat all over the pavement.

My fiancé and I rolled to see who went first. I should point out you get to roll 2 dice to determine how many spaces you can move. She won the roll and began her turn. You are never more than 6 spaces away from knocking off a villain so she rolled high enough to knock off the Joker. You then get to roll again as well as collect 2 hero points because what says hero like committing homicide in the name of justice. She rolled again and got to knock off the last remaining bad guy on the roof. Her next roll will determine what roof she will go to next. They have corresponding numbers but only up to 4, 5 and 6 are considered wild. She gets to the next building and continues her murderous rampage cleaning that roof and all the other roofs. We had to look and see if you reset the board if you do this and it did not say. Finally she rolled a pair of 2s and it was my turn. I cleared 2 roofs before rolling snake eyes. All she needs to do is bump off 2 more villains and she has enough hero points to win the game. This was easily done and the game was over. It took longer to put the buildings together than it was to play the game. I wondered if this was an anomaly and we played again. This time I won by clearing all but one roof on my first turn and getting the rest of the points my next turn. I really don’t think you need 2 dice to play this game. The roofs are just too small for this. Also, the free turns just means you get to play until your rolls go bad.

The game was a let down but the box looks cool and the mini figures it comes with are fun to look at. If I had to rate this game I would give it a 2 out of 5.


Who knew living in the 80's would lead to writing and podcasting about them 30 years later?

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  1. You should have put some pictures of the figures.

  2. Great post, DrQuest! Even with the less than stellar endorsement…I think I would have to pick up this game, possibly add my own rules to it so that Wonder Woman couldn’t arrest/execute all the villains in one go.

    I still can’t believe that the goal is you just push the villains off the building though. Did Frank Miller write the instructions for this game by chance? ;)

  3. There were some epic misfires from board game companies and super-hero properties over the years.

  4. Geez, even if the game isn’t that great, I gotta agree, it is cool looking enough that I still want to own it.

  5. That game board (not the game play!) was drawn and colored by Marshall Rogers. DC’s licensing department required the use of Jose Garcia Lopez style guide hero figures on the box but the city and its population were all Marshall!

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