PlayStation Dev Units

I’m sure most of you remember the original grey PlayStation (PS1) consoles, but how many of you have seen blue ones?

Blue (and green) PlayStation units were sold by Sony to game developers. These “dev” or “debug” units differ from normal PlayStation units slightly in that they were region free and could play backed up games off of CD-R discs. The colors (blue and green) refer to different model numbers. There are roughly half a dozen different models of blue and green dev units, each with minor differences between power supplies, available inputs, and debugging capabilities. In addition to the blue and green ones, black “Net Yaroze” units (also used for game development) were sold.


In the fall of 2004, Acclaim Entertainment filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. That winter all of Acclaim’s assets were auctioned off. A friend of mine attended the auction and purchased several blue PlayStation debut units. I bought five of them from him and sold the four you see in this picture for just enough profit to cover the price of the fifth one, which remains a part of my collection today and still has an Acclaim inventory sticker on its underside.

There was a time when these units were both expensive and extremely hard to find outside of game development circles. These days, they turn up on eBay and other gaming sites for sale semi-regularly. Blue ones are more common than the green ones; you can expect to pay around a $100 for a loose blue unit and around $150 for a loose green one. Boxed ones go for much, much more — there’s a boxed blue one on eBay right now for around $1,500 (US), with “buy in now” available for those with interest (and deep pockets).

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