Masters of the Universe: Spydor Commercials (1985)

Masters of the Universe: Spydor Commercials (1985)

I remember when I got Spydor in my youth because my Uncle, kind of the black sheep of the family, picked it up for me when attending my Great Grandmother’s funeral. It kind of helped me get over my mourning of her to be honest, took my mind off of it for a couple of hours. He even got down in the floor with me and played with it, telling me stories about his days as a tank driver in WWII. I’m not sure how making Spydor move forward and back related to driving a tank but it was certainly entertaining and informative and I appreciated it all the same.

While doing a bit of research on this terrible invention created by Skeletor, I assume it was crafted in the bowels of Snake Mountain, I found out that Spydor had not one TV commercial but two.

I do not remember the commercial above but I vaguely recall this second one.

To this day I kind of wish I could do that spider walk like the kid in the commercial does towards the end. A big thanks to He-Man.Org for the photo of Spydor up top. A big round of applause goes to Spaced Cobra TV for both of these commercials that were uploaded over on YouTube.


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