Barbie Travelin’ Trailer, Yee-Ha!

The Retroist’s post yesterday on Barbie’s Ferrari got me thinking about the past. I guess that’s the Retroist’s specialty, right? Anyway, as a kid I wasn’t even aware of the Barbie Ferrari. Most of my friends had the pink Corvette. The ‘vette was sweet, but my Barbie felt that it was too high-maintenance…look at me, look at me. My Barbie had a more outdoorsy bent. A nature girl, if you will.

My Barbie tooled around town, or her ranch, in an off-road vehicle with horse trailer. The set was called the Barbie Travelin’ Trailer. Sadly, the trailer could only accommodate one of Barbie’s horses at a time. Naturally she needed two horses for galloping through the woods, or on the beach, with Ken. Barbie rode Dallas, Ken rode Midnight. When they traveled, they often took Dallas as her golden mane coordinated better with the beige horse trailer…my Barbie may have been a nature girl, but fashion was still important. But let’s not feel too badly for Midnight. He always got Dallas’ share of oats when she was away in the trailer.

One of the best features of the off-road vehicle was the hand winch and pulley that really did work, just like the box says! It was great for incline pulling and had a fab load capacity.

My mom still has this set in her basement…I’d better not tell her it’s going for nearly $500 bucks on Amazon, or it won’t be at her house the next time I feel like playing “Ranch” with Barbie and Ken.

Please enjoy these images of the original set from 1982…and remember to keep your trailer tidy!


Don’t look at the dogs, work the lock! You looked at the dogs!

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