Lost n Founds

In 1989 the good people at Galoob, obviously coming off sad movie watching weekend, went to their plush toy lab and came up with the saddest toy of the lat 1980s, Lost ‘n Founds. They very soft plush animals were just under a foot tall, they had sad reflective eyes and if you filled them up with the water from their bottle and gave them a squeeze, they cried tears.

When you see these sad sacks in person, they are adorable. As you can see in this photo by darkanjel2007.

Adorable right? Now, I never owned one, I already had a full home of plush friends. But I do remember the ad campaign, which was one of the best “guilt-centric” marketing campaigns ever made.

I am not sure that if I looked out my window and spotted a plush animal tapping at the glass that my first reaction would be sympathy. On a dark rainy night? I would probably go with outright terror.


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