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The Head follows the story of Jim, a student from New York City, who wakes up one day to find his head has grown to a ghastly size. An alien named Roy soon emerges from his head, telling him he had inhabited his head to adapt to Earth’s environment. Jim and Roy team up in order to stop an enemy alien Gork from taking over the planet, and in the process, assemble a group of freaks that struggle not only against their alien foe, but against society itself.

The creator, Eric Fogel, sought to highlight the problems of uniformity and intolerance existent in present-day society. The show spawned a VHS and DVD collection, as well as a graphic novel in 1996 and is not available to watch online it its complete form.

“The Head” is the 5th series, joining Aeon Flux, The Maxx, Wonder Showzen, and Liquid Television on the Liquid Television site.

Watch “The Head” Online [at] Liquid Television


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4 thoughts on “Watch The Complete Series “The Head” on

  1. indieseoul says:

    “The Head” Wow three articles in a row that make me feel like I have a very very dirty mind. Bad me bad me!

  2. CarlosTheDwarf says:

    I’m so glad so much of this stuff is available online. It seems like it was in some alternate dimension where MTV aired strange, creative, provocative television on a regular basis.

  3. Ryan says:

    I vaguely remember seeing this as a kid. I remember some of the visuals were really jacked up. MTV was so much better/cooler/influential back in the day.

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