The Return of Condorman in the Toy Story Short “Small Fry”


There are lots of great reasons to see the new Muppet movie in theaters now, including “Small Fry” a new Toy Story short that preceeds the film.   I found that I laughed more during “Small Fry” than I do in most feature length comedies.   But, for me, the best part was that “Small Fry” includes a toy based on the movie “Condorman” – a largely forgotten Disney film from 1981.  Condorman starred Michael Crawford as a cartoonist turned into a bumbling superhero.  I was introduced to Condorman via a novelization I picked up at grade school long before I got around to seeing the actual film.  DVDs of Condorman are hard to come by – but it is available on Amazon’s Video on Demand service.   Do yourself a favor and check it out.  There are precious few of us Condorfans out there, and I could use some company.


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