Swamp Thing (1982)

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Wes Craven’s 1982 Swamp Thing film adaptation is the best…um, film adaptation of Swamp Thing.

Not only did it have that awesome theatrical poster by Richard Hescox but it had a trailer too…that is very 80s.


My Father and I watched this at the 62 Drive-In back in my youth and I can say that I still enjoy it, sure it’s goofy but it is a fun movie to watch in the early morning. I guess you could say I just have a soft spot of moss in my heart for creatures like Swamp Thing and his Marvel Comics counterpart, the Man-Thing.

A big thanks as always to the IMP Awards for that awesome poster up top. Thanks as well to DIOTD2008 for the original theatrical trailer over on YouTube. That awesome What If? scenario with Swamp Thing and the Man-Thing throwing down comes to us by way of Gav Heryng on deviantART.


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8 thoughts on “Swamp Thing (1982)

  1. Doug says:

    I too saw this in the drive-in. I was too young to really understand it, but it made an impact on me. The same thing with Enter the Dragon and Road Warrior. Saw them both at the drive-in while too young. I liked Swamp Thing 2 as well, though. It is more campy, but fun.

  2. I’ve been re-reading the Bernie Wrightson Swamp Thing run, and I’m surprised how many elements from it they used in the movie (although plenty was changed..Cable is a man in the comics….)

  3. This is one of my favorite movies. What am I saying?! MOST comic book movies are my favorite movies. But, this movie is one of my favorite bad comic book movies. I still have yet to crack open and watch in its entirety “The Return of Swamp Thing”. I’ve seen bits and pieces, but not the entire film. Maybe I’ll watch them back to back this weekend.

    Or maybe “Steel”. Hard choice. :)

  4. @Saturday World Steel, that film will win every single time. ;)

    @Daniel Th1rte3n Wrightson and Len Wein have great stories but I’ve always really liked Alan Moore’s take on Swamp-Thing.

    I think seeing these types of movies when we were “too young” were a rite of passage for people our age. Ha, ha.

    Retroist, do you have any contacts at Marvel or DC? We need to get this swampy ball rolling!

  5. indieseoul says:

    Best movie poster ever! It also serves as a PSA. Never under any circumstances wear a revealing dress when walking through a swamp. Especially if you know that a swamp thing is lurking about. I haven’t seen this film but I assume that he is carrying her to safety and not something much more creepy. :)

  6. indieseoul says:

    Edit: After seeing the trailer it seems that the swamp thing was being heroic. I’m sorry I doubted you swamp thing!! Much respect!!

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