1977 Star Wars Toyota Celica

1977 Star Wars Toyota Celica

Back in 1977, when Star Wars was not yet still the cultural juggernaut it is today, Toyota and Fox partnered up to giveaway a brand new Star Wars themed Toyota Celica liftback. Would love to see this car cruising down the road with this Vader at the wheel 3PO at his side and Artoo in the back.

Why is Threepio looking under the hood? The transmission speaks only Bocce.

1977 Star Wars Celica GT Liftback on Flickr [via] Global Thermonuclear War

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  1. That is a fine looking vehicle.

  2. We need to find out where it is today…I hope it’s still around!!

  3. “A very good find” is, I hope referring to the photograph. To find THIS CAR would be like finding a Holy Grail.

  4. I cannot help but think that if this was out there on the road, someone would have posted pics at some point in the last decade. My guess is the car is dead and gone, but it would still be interesting to track down the winner.

  5. @ The Retroist: i’m inclined to agree, but I’m holding out hope!

  6. Can you imagine what that car would bring at auction if it we’re fully restored? I hope someone finds it but agree with Retroist… It probably was scrapped years ago.

  7. Even if it is scrapped, maybe all this attention the car is getting will drive some car buff to duplicate the car or at least bring forward the people who might have worked on customizing it.

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