Black Friday: Ewoks By Brad McGinty!

I know that there are many of you, like me, that have had the pleasure of working retail at a mall in their youth. I worked at one of our local FYE music/movie/gaming stores and in all honesty I had a ton of fun there…except of course for the dreaded Black Friday.

The 1983 Retroist Dictionary says this under the heading of Black Friday: “A day unlike any other when a group of…no, that’s not right. A day unlike any other where bodily harm may be inflicted on shoppers and store employees in the hopes of getting their children a Cabbage Patch Doll. One must avoid retail stores at all costs on this day.”

Now to be totally honest, I never really experienced a whole bunch of problems when I worked on Black Friday…people’s tempers are justifiably worn thin by the massive crowds and stress of getting what they hope is the best Holiday gift for their loved ones. Though one year I did have my lunch tray from Taco Bell slapped out of my hands by an irate older woman as I was walking into the store, the Taco Bell employees saw this deed and were kind enough to give me another order for free.

During my years at FYE it seemed that the Holidays were a time when there was a sense of pulling together from all the mall employees, that subtle nod from the guy at the coffee shop after you’ve been yelled at by a customer helps you get through the day, he’s been there and he feels your pain.

When I saw this wonderful illustration by the talented Brad McGinty of two of the Ewoks laying down the pain on a Stormtrooper…it brought back some of the nightmarish tales of Black Friday that I heard from the veterans of the mall.

A big thanks to Caleb Goellner over at Comics Alliance for the heads up on this awesome piece of Star Wars art.


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