Atari 2600: MegaForce Box Art

The very name of the film, MegaForce, conjurors up memories of racing around my neighborhood on my bicycle, tearing across neighbors yards while pretending to shoot missiles from my handlebars and generally just imagining the glorious action I would see on the Drive-In screen when the movie finally reached our neck of the woods.
Even after seeing the movie and having my hopes dashed I still thought the Atari 2600 game would probably be awesome. Sadly I never received the cartridge but I make sure keep my eye out for it when I visit my local comic shop, it’s just a matter of time before I add it to my collection.

I think it is easy to see why I was so excited for not only the movie with it’s advertisements on TV but in the back of the comics I was reading but when I saw the game box behind glass at the store. That’s a pretty epic cover for a 2600 title.

Though not quite as epic as the commercial for the game!

Thanks to AtariAge for that awesome box art! Thanks as well to Carter J Burke and Dig That Box RETRO for uploading the videos on YouTube.


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