Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Jigsaw Puzzle

Here’s one of three jigsaw puzzles I picked up over the weekend.


I’m not a huge collector of jigsaw puzzles, but the price was right ($3) so while I’m putting together my “collectibles room” in the new house I thought it might look good on the shelves until something better comes along.

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One thought on “Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. Drahken says:

    The scene in that pic makes me think mr potato head is doing the “naked apron” thing that’s so popular in japanese manga/anime. Also, that looks more like his daughter than his wife. “OMG! Daaa-aaad! I’m never gonna get the image of your bare butt out of my eyes, all 400 of them!”

    …Yeah, I know, my mind lives in the gutter. But hey, at least it’s always humid down here! ;)

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