Atari 2600: Joystik Charts

Atari 2600: Joystik Charts

While doing a bit of cleaning in my backroom to try and make things nice and presentable for the first time in 12 years…I came across a few battered and beaten copies of this excellent gaming periodical from back in 1982, Joystik. While I didn’t have every issue of Joystik I did have a bunch of them and I read them over and over, again and again, it was my only real source of gaming news at that time in my youth.

This morning I was flipping through an issue, the cover long lost to the ages, that shined a spotlight on the likes of Xevious, Qix, and Dig-Dug among others and found this question that the magazine posed to Eugene Jarvis (Robotron), Larry Demar (Robotron), and Gary Shannon (Astro Blaster):
“Which of the game cartridges designed for the Atari home system do you like to play?”

I find some of the responses to be very interesting.
1) Larry Demar thinks that Superman was the best Atari 2600 made at that time.
2) Both Eugene Jarvis and Gary Shannon put the Pac-Man port on their lists, I particularly liked Jarvis’s comment about him putting it on the list because it was fun “even though it’s not like the coin-op version.”.
3) Larry Demar for this statement about Adventure, “It’s fun to ouwit the ducks.”.

Also of interest is that arcade “leaderboard” by none other than Walter Day of the Twin Galaxies Entertainment Centers.

Notice that at this point the High-Score holder for Donkey Kong is listed as Steve Sanders…who would by the end of November admit to fabricating his Donkey Kong score. There is a very interesting interview with Steve Sanders here about the reason for that and how it all went down, thanks to Examiner.Com and I recommend you grab a cup of your favorite beverage give it a read when you get the time.


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  1. I was ways a big fan of that magazine. It had a really nice style to it that its competitors didn’t.

  2. Great magazine. And, at the time, I was only 59,280 points from having the all time high Berzerk score!

  3. By the way, that Steve Sanders interview is fascinating!

  4. I loved Joystik’s abstract, electric neon covers.
    And it was indeed one of the great video games magazines at the time (and had good, time-resistant, paper stock).
    Actually, I ate em all up with similar enthusiasm.

    vinvectrex – It’s never too late to defeat the robots!
    But yeah, I played some amped-up cabinets of this which started at high speed from the get-go.
    Obviously, Evil Otto had found the dipswitches and made a move for arcade domination through swift gathering of funds.

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