Prancing Woman Plays Legend of Zelda Medley in the Woods

When Vic Sage sent this video to me, I was hypnotized for three reasons. Reason the first, the scenery is draw dropping. Reason two, the Zelda Medley turned out wonderfully. So wonderful that I picked up the download of the song. Reason three…the prancing. The hypnotic and unceasing prancing. Watching the video one might even say that it is primarily a video about prancing set to great music with an interesting backdrop. It is a prance that is fun to watch and terribly distracting at the same time. Now I can see why so many areas of the country had those “anti-prancing” laws on the book well into the 1990s. They where so distracted by their youth hopping about in time in knee deep snow that could never get anything done.

While Lindsey Stirling (Link) is worth following just for her violin virtuosity, she should also be a target for adoration to connoisseurs of “the prance”.


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