Atari Adventure’s Red Dragon by Sean Hartter

Behold mortal, the might Rhindle, Atari Adventure’s Red Dragon and quake. Rhindle is the fastest of the Adventure Dragons and guards the white key and chalice.

For more information about Rhindle and the Adventure Dragons, check out the Retroist Adventure Podcast.

Sean Hartter

Hartter wishes he was the love child of R. Crumb and Jack Kirby.

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5 thoughts on “Atari Adventure’s Red Dragon by Sean Hartter

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Terrific image (as always) and very good likeness Sean!
    From having seen that peeved look up close whenever I grab the chalice, I’d say you’ve nailed Rhindle’s menacing glare down pat.
    Also makes the same face when called a “duck”.

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