Atari 2600: Pitfall Commercial (1982)

Atari 2600: Pitfall Commercial (1982)

Activision’s Pitfall by David Crane for the Atari 2600 was one of their best titles ever produced. Many, many people that I’ve met and talked to have a tendency to bring up this title when discussing the glory days of the 2600.

Don’t take my word for it…listen to what Jack Black has to say!

Sadly, I wish I could still pick up some Atari games at Walgreen’s like it says at the end of that commercial.

Pitfall has of course been ported to pretty much everything but perhaps your wrist watch and if you find you are still having a hard time getting the top score you might want to watch this How to Beat Video Games: Pitfall video that the Retroist posted a couple of years back.

Or you could ask for advice from the Retroist himself or perhaps Metagirl…because I’ve seen their XBLA Game Room scores on Pitfall, it made me look at my best tries…and walk away in shame.

Thanks to AtariAge for that awesome Pitfall 2600 box art up top, that just happens to be signed by it’s creator, David Crane! Thank you to Revenge 0f The Nerd as well for uploading the commercial over on YouTube.


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  1. I’ve always been more of a fan of the sequel, than the original Pitfall, but I consider both to be among the best games ever invented for the 2600. When Pitfall came out, I was simply astounded by it – it pushed the graphical capabilities of the 2600 far beyond what prior cartridges had done. Love the signed box too!

  2. I remember they had some promotion where you took a Polaroid of your score on your tv and sent it in. Activision then mailed you a cloth patch. I was so proud of that patch but it’s long gone.

  3. Plcary, my friend. You were part of the legendary Activision Explorer’s Club. I’ve seen your skills at 1984 so I can say that doesn’t surprise me. I however have never been good enough, even with that video the Retroist provided to earn that badge. :)

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