Pleiades Arcade Flyer (1981)

Thanks to Doug’s awesome Nightmares: Bishop of Battle post last week I received an e-mail from fellow Retroist fan, Dax. He wanted to know if the game that Emilio Estevez is hustling on was in fact a real arcade game or just made up for the Bishop of Battle segment. That is indeed a real game and it was called Pleiades or Pleiads depending on which country you played it. It was released into the wilds of the arcades back in 1981 by Tehkan (Which later became Tecmo) and Centuri…and it is “based” on the arcade title Phoenix.

Beside being featured in Nightmares, Pleiades also made an appearance in Blood Simple. For a quick look at the gameplay and cabinet check out the video by CenturiNet posted below.

A big thanks to the always impressive Arcade Flyer Archive for the scanned Flyers up top.


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3 thoughts on “Pleiades Arcade Flyer (1981)

  1. I have the rom for this, called Pleads and Pleadies, and have wanted to play this game for a few years now. The rom I have was for an old version of MacMame, and will not work. Anyone know where to download another one? Can you send me one via e-mail?

  2. I’ve always been a fan of Phoenix and not heard of this one before so thanks for the heads up!

    Keep up the good work, really enjoying your posts.

    Kind regards


  3. Pete says:

    I got my copy at after a search. It just doesn’t have the original music, and I find that kind of depressing. I played this game to no end when it first showed up in our pizza shop in the very early 80’s. The music was hypnotic and it had a way of relaxing you even when you screwed up, which was easy to do. Awesome game still.

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