Awesome Wheeljack Cosplay By Scream01!

Okay, first of all I believe we can all agree that the Autobot known as Wheeljack is in fact the greatest Transformer ever. I might be a little biased as he was the first Transformer I ever purchased…but after an hour of reading file cards on every Autobot and Decepticon they had…I’m positive I made the right decision.

Looking on that awesome bit of Cosplay by Scream01 over at deviantART makes me think that:
A) That is a nice looking Star Wars standup arcade cabinet behind Wheeljack.
B) I would not only wear this costume for Halloween but to work every day of my life…I might not even remove it…ever.

Take at look at these photos taken of Scream01’s outfit by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos over on Flickr. The “fins” to the side of Wheeljack’s head light up like when he would speak in the animated series! Bravo to Scream01 because this bit of Cosplay is just full of win.


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