The Banned Toy Museum

Apropos to the Toy Hall of Fame inductees announcement, I thought it might be time to share some of the denizens of the Island of Misfit Toys currently curated at the Banned Toys Museum.

The ever popular lawn darts are on exhibit, along with some more obscure offerings such as Cabbage Patch dolls that would bite you, and this magnificent belt buckle-mounted cap gun that fired an actual projectile.

While these exhibits might be impressively dangerous, I don’t think you can top a “toy” that came with it’s own radioactive ore.

These days, a dad bringing that thing back home from a business trip as a surprise for little Johnny would probably end up in Guantanamo Bay…

I owned a couple of these myself (alas, not the nuclear fun kit) and still have all my eyes and fingers. How a bout you guys?


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  1. Banned toys are usually the most fun.

  2. How could this be banned? It says “SAFE!” right on the box!

  3. Those are great! That gun reminds me of the scene in “From Dusk til Dawn” when Tom Savini’s character had the gun that flipped up out of his cod piece!

  4. I’m thinking that the belt buckle gun is a serious infringement on the Wild Wild West TV show, Artemis Gordon fans will not stand for this! ;)

    If I would have had that Atomic Energy Lab in my youth…I would have already taken over the world! :)

  5. The Atomic Energy Lab just goes along with all the other at home science kits I wanted in life. Probably would have killed myself by now, but who know what I could have created.

  6. As a wee comic book reader it’s probably best that I never got an atomic energy lab as a gift… “Can I just swallow this or do I need to find a way to inject it to get my super powers?”

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