Midway’s Space Zap Arcade Flyer (1980)

During the Retroist Arcade Meet Up last week, our very own Plcary asked the gurus of 1984 if they remembered an arcade game where you were positioned in the center of the screen and had to defeat wave after wave of enemies as they came rushing at you, not using a joystick but four directional buttons and a firing button. The gang at 1984 and myself were stumped on this one, but Plcary kept at it and found out the name of the arcade game and it is Midway’s Space Zap from back in 1980.

Sadly this is yet another arcade title that I didn’t have the opportunity to ever play in wilds of Showbiz Pizza or Games People Play in my Youth. Looking at the video below, it sure looks like I missed out on a good one.

A huge thanks as always to The Arcade Flyer Archive for the wonderful scanned Flyers above as well to We Love 80s 2 over on YouTube for uploading his video on YouTube. Of course another big thanks to Plcary for passing on the name of the game in the first place!


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7 thoughts on “Midway’s Space Zap Arcade Flyer (1980)

  1. plcary says:

    That’s the one! I would love a chance to play Space Zap again. It was one of the few games I was actually pretty good at. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. plcary says:

    I wasn’t aware this game was ported for any home systems. I remember that Bally system in the Christmas catalogs but never saw one in person. Good for you!

  3. If you want to “basically” play this game on a gameboy, the Activision Anthology cartridge has a game with a different name, I believe a homebrew with a spaceship in center, and the 4-way firing. I have been trying to find my own mystery game from a movie theater around junior high school. Sort of like Jackie Chan’s Action kung fu, there are cartoony characters, and near the beginning, a large tiger attacks you on some green rice steppes. The game could be somewhere around 1986.

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