Lunchboxes: Batman vs. Kung Fu

Here are two lunchboxes that kick butt — literally! But which one is better? Cast your vote in the comment section today!

In the left corner, it’s Batman and Robin.


You know, this picture is really odd. Why is Batman swinging on a rope just inches from the ground? Why is Robin just standing around waving when there is butt to be kicked? Why is the Bat Signal coming from the 15th floor of some building instead of the roof? The world may never know.


At least Robin’s doing something on the backside of the lunchbox, even if it’s holding a baby with one arm too close to an open fire while standing on the ledge of a skyscraper. This is why Robin’s the sidekick, folks — if you want to graduate to full-fledged super hero, you have to do things like hold on to infants with both hands! We also see Batman, again on a rope. I don’t remember Batman swinging around on ropes this much. I wonder if Batman plans on grabbing both Robin and the toddler at the same time, or just the toddler? Or maybe just Robin?

And in the right corner, speaking of kicking butt … who kicked more butt than Caine himself, as portrayed by David Carradine in the hit television show Kung Fu!


On the front of the lunchbox you can see Caine hitting some guy in the face while Caine stares off wistfully into the sunset. Wait, why is Caine in two places at once? I took karate for like nine years and nobody ever taught me that trick! I also see that Caine is practicing Kung Fu on a guy wearing a green belt, a ranking I’m pretty sure I achieved on my third lesson.


Of course no matter how well trained Caine was, he was never able to snatch the pebble from his master’s hand, Master Po. Even though Master Po was blind, that did not stop grasshopper from trying to smack him in the face with a giant piece of sausage. SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM, MASTER PO!

(Master Po was portrayed in the show by Keye Luke. You might remember him as the mysterious shop keeper from The Gremlins. Luke also provided the voice of Brak in the original 1966 run of Space Ghost.)

So, which is it? Are you a rope-swinging Batman fan? Or do you prefer Kung Fu masters swinging sticks of sausage at old blind men? Only you can decide. Vote for the winning lunchbox in the comment section below TODAY!

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