Back To The Future Part II Trailer (1989)

Towards the end of 1989 I had already witnessed the glory of Tim Burton’s vision of Batman as well as Spielberg’s epic Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade…but then, and if I remember this correctly, on Entertainment Tonight one evening I learned that Back to the Future II was headed to theaters in November. I couldn’t believe it. Finally a sequel to one of my favorite movies from 1985…I wouldn’t be this excited for a sequel again until Tron: Legacy!

I remember talking to my friends at school the next day…what would the movie be about? Obviously it had to do with Marty and Jennifer’s kids, right? Like many times in my life I quickly came to the realization that my friends could never get as excited as I did over movies and they certainly hadn’t spent as much time thinking about the possibility of future stories as I had.

That is probably because while on Friday and Saturday nights they were going to the movies and on dates…while I stayed at home playing my NES and watching movies. Hm, I don’t think much has changed actually.

I couldn’t resist picking up the novelization of the movie when I saw it at a store in my neck of the woods, I tried to wait but I just had to have the answers. I wasn’t disappointed by what I read either and at the very least it prepared me for the “surprise” ending.

I vividly remember sitting in a packed theater watching the film and seeing all of these little watch lights shining, my fellow movie fans were realizing that either this was going to be a three hour movie or something wasn’t right with the story. Then the end of the movie came…quickly followed by the teaser for the third Back to the Future film. As the words “To Be Concluded…” were shown on the screen, half of the audience jeered while the other half clapped, but by the end of that teaser everyone was clapping. I wonder…if you were able to see it in the theater, how did your audience react?

A big thanks as always to the IMP Awards for that awesome poster image up top and to Cherokee Brave for uploading RetroJunk.Com’s trailer over on YouTube.


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