Atari’s Asteroids: Gunner Available for iPad and iPod touch

I am a big fan of the video game Asteroids, and I am happy to see that Atari has not given up on this storied franchise. Over the years they have pumped new life into the game through ports and sequels in the arcade and home console and now they have brought the game to Apple’s “touchable” product in a new form, Asteroids: Gunner. Where you, take on the role of the Gunner on a journey across the galaxies, blasting his way through deadly asteroid fields and alien fleets as he works his way to the top of the gritty crystal mining industry. With three different ships under his command and three dangerous galaxies with 150 total enemy waves to crush, players will have a literal and metaphorical blast as they gain rank promotions and collect cosmic crystals in order to buy upgrades that will transform their space crafts into undeniable asteroid-destroying machine.

I downloaded the game last night and played a bit. Its a fun game, akin to a two stick shooter but with a touch screen. This duel control is a great addition to the game, it adds the “gunner” aspect to the game and gives your a 360 degree arc of fire while you move. The graphics are sharp and the gameplay is solids. The game looks especially good on the larger screen of the iPad.

The price for starting out is also just right — the game is free. Well free to download. Asteroids: Gunner is a free to play game that, if you want to unlock higher levels, requires you plunk down some cash. Some people might not be familiar with this model yet, but it is a trend that many games are taking as they try to find ways to give people choices on how they spend their gaming money. As you can see from their launch video, their are lots of potential upgrades.

The game is free to try, so just point your browsers or towards Asteroids: Gunner at the App Store and give it a look. It won’t cost you a dime and if you like what you see (if you like Asteroids and games like Robotron — you will), then get ready for a fun portable space adventure.


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