Unboxing: 1983 Atari 800XL home computer

The year is 1983. Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” is tearing up the radio waves, Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space, and Matthew Broderick is playing WarGames in theaters. That same year, Coleco released the ADAM, Apple released the Lisa, and Atari debuted the 800 XL with 64 kilobytes of ram. I present the unboxing of Atari’s 800 XL.

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Seeker of 1980s nostalgia, rummager of vintage computers and player of retro video games.When not writing posts of The Retroist, I'm converting Retroist audio podcasts to Retroist video podcasts.My own videos can be found at www.YouTube.com/JustinSalvato.
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8 thoughts on “Unboxing: 1983 Atari 800XL home computer

  1. I unwrapped one of these Xmas 1983. For the next 3 years I played great games and made my own cool games. Mercenary, ballblazer, encounter, star raiders… Today, thanks to those days, I make arcade games.

  2. @ Patrick, funny, they must be very common, because they are always being sold on ebay. Some of them in better condition than mine (box)!

    @ Mark, you make arcade games? You mean for the PC, consoles, or for actual arcades?

  3. Retro Justin, I’m am very glad to see you back with a new unboxing video! They always make my day, look forward to your next one, friend! :)

  4. Hey Vic, thanks! Glad to read it. I have some other ideas in the works, like some more Coleco ADAM versus Commodore 64 stuff, or maybe vintage versus modern :)

  5. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Another great unboxing vid, RJ!

    I just love the idea of a vintage packaged computer having its first go in the modern world.
    It’s never too late to boot up.

  6. @ retro, perhaps you will own a huge garage someday, something with good insulation, that keeps the bad weather out. Then you can convert that to your Retroist Retro Realm with all kinds of goodies; vintage movie posters on the walls, classic arcade cabinets lined up against said walls, a betamax with Rocky showing, classic video game consoles, and old boombox with Van Halen rockin’ the house, etc..

    @AAS, you know, I never looked at it like that. That’s a nice sentiment. If the 800XL could talk, it would probably be ticked off that it doesn’t have a built in monitor like my laptop :)

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