My Yoda Collection

Lots of people have a shelf for their decorative plates, or their dolls, or their books, or whatever else it is they collect and wish to display. Me? I have a Yoda shelf. The fact that he’s not even my favorite Star Wars character hasn’t stopped me from amassing a virtual army of Yodas.


From left to right that’s an interactive Yoda Furby, followed by a fluffy plush Yoda and a tiny, 1″ tall Yoda that, to be honest, I’m not sure what set he came with. Next is a 6″ Kenner Yoda, a Yoda Taco Bell cup topper, a plastic “coin purse” Yoda head keychain, and a vintage Yoda puppet from 1981.

Some of the Yodas I’ve amassed won’t fit on the shelf. Take, for example, these two Yodas I picked up several years ago on eBay:


These are actually custom figures that someone made, a fact I didn’t realize until the latex skin on “Santa Yoda” began disintegrating. Even the Force wasn’t strong enough to hold that one together.

Surprisingly, those aren’t my favorite Yoda collectibles. Nope, my favorite Yoda-themed item doesn’t make it out of the house much, but when he does, it always turns heads.


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