First Game Is On Me at the 1984 Arcade

By the time this post hits I should be well on my way to the first Retroist Meet Up at 1984.

I’m not sure if we will be able to do a live feed of the Meet Up but at the very least I’ll make sure to take tons of photos for those that cannot attend this go around.

So if you are in the area of downtown Springfield Missouri, why not stop in, drop $5 at the door for admittance and have a very enjoyable day/night of playing classic arcade games? I’ll be the overweight guy with a big smile on his face wearing the Walt Disney Tron trading pin.

A big thanks to BoingBoing for that awesome photo of game tokens as well as to Gone Movie for the Doc’s DeLorean picture!


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5 thoughts on “First Game Is On Me at the 1984 Arcade

  1. Chris says:

    Sure I move out of MO and then you decide to do a meetup. Hope you all have fun and take lots of pictures. Next meetup might I suggest Disney World?

  2. WDW would be a great meetup. They do have a decent arcade there.

    Doug perhaps a SF meetup at the musee mecanique or down at the Beach Boardwalk arcade in Santa Cruz could happen on the west coast?

  3. Doug says:

    I was thinking of both of those myself. I’ve got lots of pics of Hot Pink Heather at MM recreating scenes from The Princess Diaries. They’ve got tons of great classic games there.

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I’ll be there in spirit as well, playing some retro amusement here, while inwardly soothed by the remembered sounds of multiple 80s cabinets echoing their siren’s call in 1984’s gaming hub.

    Hope you reach killscreen levels of enjoyment.

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