Mr. Magoo – The Television Collection (1960-1977) on DVD

If you woke up early for Saturday Morning cartoons in the 1980s. I am talking 5 AM early, which I often would, you would get treated to cartoon reruns that you wouldn’t catch during Saturday Morning primetime. One of those cartoons I looked forward to every 6 AM featured everyone’s favorite legally blind Rutgers graduate, Mr. Magoo. His comic antics were the appropriate wake up call for a long morning of cozy cartoon watching and were funny enough that I could enjoy them BEFORE the sugar rush of rainbow colored cereals.

Once they stopped running him on Saturday Mornings my exposure was limited to his appearance on his Christmas special (with razzleberry dressing). This was until recently when one of the digital band secondary channels here started broadcasting cartoons and they would pepper in Magoo. This was a real treat and I would record each one and think, “I wish someone would compile these and release them on DVD.”

Now everyone laughed at me when I let Shout! Factory install that thought computer in my skull last year as part of their customer outreach/world domination program (not my hat guy — all my custom hats are putting his kid’s through college). But the laugh is on them because they took my thoughts and gave me exactly what I wanted with their Mr. Magoo – The Television Collection (1960-1977) on DVD.

The set has over 180 cartoons (nearly 32 hours) from the series: The Mr. Magoo Show, The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo and What’s New Mr. Magoo? plus it contains the prime-time Magoo special, Uncle Sam Magoo! If that is not enough for you, it also contains some special features, including:

  • Photo Gallery with Storyboards and Drawings
  • 20-page Commemorative book
  • Featurette: Oh Magoo…You’ve Done it Again

In short, if you love bumbling nearsighted cartoon characters voiced by Jim Backus, you are in for a real treat. The DVD is available nationwide as of today. So order yourself a copy of Mr. Magoo – The Television Collection (1960-1977) on DVD. By George, you’ll be glad you did!


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