Analog Atari Video Games from McDonalds

This awesome promotion is a genius hybrid of pop culture, new technology and utter confusion. It’s a video game, but on a piece of paper? Check out the spot.

I LOVE that little vocoder “At McDonald’s” tag. The future is here because a robot can sing!

Back to the story…

Now, as I recall, each ticket WAS a winner. You actually had to scratch off the correct spots in a certain order to get a prize, like trying to get through a maze. This was unlike most scratch off tickets, where you just had to scrub off all the latex and hope for three matches. So, due to that, it took you a few trips to McDonald’s to get it right.

To add even more confusion to this, your parents already didn’t understand how REAL video games worked. Now, you’ve added another layer to their befuddlement.

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