The Lomokino – The 35mm Movie Camera From Lomography

Okay, if you check out the screening room section of the Lomokino website and note all the dark rimmy glasses and facial hair you can probably come to a conclusion as to who the target audience is for this camera. But just because you would not call yourself a hipster, does not mean that you couldn’t have a blast with some revived analogue technology. Which is why you should take a look at the Lomokino.

What I like about the Lomokino is that it is a simple and complete system that will work with any 35mm film. Why film in a day when a phone can give you higher quality and nearly infinite recording?

Because it is so finite. Instead of just holding up your magic eye and capturing everything you will be forced to think about what you are shooting. Will it look good? What is the light like? How much film do I have left? These are questions that will become familiar to you when you pick up an analog camera like the Lomokino.

If this type of cinematography interests you, drop by the Lomokino site and have a look. You can pick up the camera alone for $79 or add the viewer into mix and pay just $99. Happy filming!

[via] Lomokino Product Page


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