Two Muppet Animal Puppets

What’s better than owning an Animal puppet? How about two Animal puppets!!


The one on the left was a Christmas present for my sister back in the early 80s. (Somehow I ended up with it.) According to, it was released back in 1978. His hands and feet have small squares of Velcro attached that allow you post him, to a certain extent. There’s also a bar inside his head that allows the puppeteer to control Animal’s eyebrows.

The one on the right is much newer. It was made in 2003 by Sabba Toys, and I got him at a garage sale for a quarter. Personally I like the vintage one much better as this one looks a bit too friendly. I guess by the time we got to the 2000s, I guess midriffs were out.

“Go home! Go home! Bye-bye.” – Animal, The Muppet Movie

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