McDonaldland Playset

The McDonaldland Playset Box

One of the things I enjoy most about swap meets and antiques fairs is the chance to run into some long-forgotten toy from my past.  That happened to me today as I stumbled across this McDonaldland Playset.  I never owned this toy – or any of the individual dolls/action figures.  But, I remember begging my mother for them.   Only later did it occur to me that my mother, a nutritionist by trade, may not have been the biggest fan of McDonalds toys.  That said, we still managed to eat at McDonalds every so often – and I envisioned using this playset to recreate all the excitement of the restaurant.

Now that I’m older, I’m a bit puzzled by the inclusion of the train in McDonaldland.   Perhaps the train was featured in some commercials?  More likely it was just added to give the characters something to do aside from eat at McDonalds.   The children on the box seem a bit perplexed as to how to play with this toy too.  They seem content to just look upon its glory.


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