1983 Levi’s Star Wars/Heavy Metal Themed Commercial

1983 Levi’s Star Wars/Heavy Metal Themed Commercial

This afternoon by chance I stumbled across this Levi’s ad while looking up some information on NBC’s Flash Gordon animated series from back in the 80’s. It didn’t jog those rusted memory banks in my head until the very end of the commercial.

I think it’s safe to say that there is a bit of influence from Heavy Metal and Star Wars in that commercial. I’ve spent most of the afternoon trying to find out who was responsible for it, I thought at first it looked a little like Ralph Bakshi but thanks to fschalk over on YouTube who provided the commercial above, I was able to learn that the Richard Williams Studio is who we have to thank for such a remarkable television ad.

The Richard Williams Studio also handled the Montage Sequence and Titles for the Murder on the Orient Express, as well as the Animation and Titles for The Return of the Pink Panther and The Pink Panther Strikes Again. The studio has done most of it’s work on television though like this Underoos commercial!

A huge thank you to The Thief Archive over on YouTube for that wonderful Underoos ad! A big thanks goes out to The Lost Continent blog for the awesome screencap from the Levi’s commercial up top.


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  1. That same alien is in the “A few words about Levi’s Jeans and Corrrddds” series.

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