Dukes of Hazzard Uno Card Game

This was a great game we used to play based on “The Dukes of Hazzard.” The reason we had a copy was that my sister, Ruthie, was a huge fan of the Dukes, and had a big crush on both Bo and Luke Duke. She got the game for Christmas I think. Anyway, my brother and I would torture poor Ruthie mercilessly about her crush on the Dukes. Every so often, we’d ask to play the Dukes UNO game, and she never said no, since it wasn’t much fun to play multiple hands alone. While the game itself was fun and seemed well designed, I can’t exactly remember how to play after all this time, kind of like UNO itself (both games were fun but seem to require you to figure them out all over again if you’ve not played them in a while.) Now, because she was crushing on Bo & Luke, Ruthie’s strategy was to always gather as many Bo & Luke cards as she could. My brother and I played to win, and to do so, you needed the Boss Hogg and Hogg Wild cards in order to gather points against your opponents.

Manys the time we would spring Boss Hogg on Ruthie, costing her Bo Duke cards! And we’d always do so with a snarky “Boss Hogg, Ruthie!” And Ruthie would always react the same way… mad! Looking at the game now (I got one from eBay one nostalgic day), I really like how the characters are depicted in watercolor portraits, rather than just production photos or something. I’ve posted a few scans on Flickr and shared them with the Retroist group so you can see what the box and the cards looked like.


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