Return Of The Living Dead’s Tarman By Mike Hawthorne!

I love Dan O’Bannon’s cult Zombie/Comedy flick, Return of the Living Dead. Love it. I actually saw it on a double bill with the original Terminator at the 62 Drive-In, it was kind of an odd billing as the classic James Cameron film was already on VHS at that point.

That night I came to a horrifying realization while watching Return of the Living Dead, all of the carefully laid plans of my youth in case of Zombie Apocalypse…were pretty much worthless when faced with anything other than George A Romero zombies.

Anyway, if you’ve not had the pleasure of watching Return of the Living Dead you may not recognize the stunning zombie, Tarman, illustrated masterfully below by Mike Hawthorne.

Be warned. There is a moment of Salty Language in this trailer:

Thanks to horrorfanxy for posting the trailer over on YouTube and a tip of the hat to Comic Twart for the heads up on the awesome illustration of Tarman!


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