Exidy’s Chiller (1986)

Lots of people who hung out in arcades back in the 1980s have fond memories of the classic shooter Crossbow, but few people seem to remember its more obscure cousin: Chiller.

Unlike Crossbow (where the object was to protect your band of adventurers), the point of 1986’s Chiller was to torture people and shoot things like decapitated heads and mummies and black cats. For what it’s worth, many of the background objects were interactive as well. For example, by shooting the stretching rack you could rip people in two. As you may have suspected, Chiller was released a few years before video game ratings were invented.


As you might imagine, Chiller sold poorly in the United States and some countries (like the UK) outright banned it. Despite overall poor sales, Chiller was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990 with a few slight modifications (the nudity was removed, for example). It didn’t sell too well, either.


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