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I have big Kojak fans in my family. For some reason though, as a kid, the show never worked for me. As an adult on the other hand, I have become a huge fan of my family favorite lollipop loving detective. Savalas is as smooth as molasses on this show and cooler than he has any right to be, which I will attribute to what I am guessing are superhuman origins. (Is coolness a power?)

I have become so much of a fan that I have been purchased both full season releases from Shout! Factory that have been made available. Season Two came out at the end of last month and my watching is just winding up and I cannot wait for Season 3, but to ensure the releases continues, this show needs champions. So if your a fan, pick up your copy and maybe a copy of season 1 for a friend. Two seasons down…3 more to go.

Order Your Copy of Kojak Season 2


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