8-Bit Samus Aran Costume By ChozoBoy

I definitely think that ChozoBoy over at deviantART deserves a standing ovation for his remarkable 8-Bit Metroid Samus Aran costume!

Photo by Dawn Herbstsomer Cattell, PhotoAngels Photography.

Photos by Dawn Herbstsomer Cattell, PhotoAngels Photography.

The folks over at the Nintendo Power magazine were so impressed with the costume they used it in this month’s issue!


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3 thoughts on “8-Bit Samus Aran Costume By ChozoBoy

  1. Kris Knives says:

    Still awesome and 16-bits is better then if he made a black and white gameboy version of Samus.

  2. Kris, I wonder why you seem to consider those the only two options. That dude has a reasonable approximation of the original, actual 8-bit Samus right on his tee shirt. That’s actually the slightly inaccurate NES box art depiction.

    But since you mention it, absence of color aside, I think Game Boy Samus was one of the best looking versions.

    By the way, I’m not criticizing 16-bit Samus, just pointing out the erroneous label.

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