Camp Blood: The Musical

If you were to take Friday the 13th, slice it down to 30 minutes in length, add plenty of tongue-in-cheek jokes and turn it into a musical, you would end up with Camp Blood: The Musical.


Stop me if this sounds familiar: six teenagers (Kris the Virgin, J.T. the Jock, Cain the Rebel, Angel the Goth, Justine the Slut, and Marty the Nerd) get summer jobs at Camp Blood, where there also happens to be a killer on the loose. Is the killer Leo the Janitor? Could it be Simon the Head Counselor? Perhaps it’s the Julieanne the Lesbian Trucker? You’ll have to watch the film to find out!

Filmed “over two days for about $200” back in 2005, Camp Blood feels a lot like a movie that was filmed over two days for $200. Try to imagine for a moment that you got six of your friends together and spent a two-day weekend making a movie. How good are your six best friends at singing and dancing? That’s about how good the cast of Camp Blood: The Musical is at singing and dancing, too.


Don’t take my criticism of the film’s quality as a vote against seeing it — on the contrary, I highly recommend it! By the time the killer shows up to perform his number (aptly named “The Killer’s Song,” my friends and I were in stitches. If you like parodies of classic “there’s a killer loose in the woods” horror movies (and specifically Friday the 13th), you’ll love this film.

For those that are curious, the movie’s trailer is available on YouTube. I’m not going to directly link to it due to language and drug references (I’d rate the trailer it a solid PG-13), but it’s there. The film walks the PG-13 line pretty closely until two of the female cast members break in to “When the Tops Come Off.” At that point, all bets (and tops) are off.

The hardest part about watching camp Blood: The Musical isn’t (surprisingly) sitting through it — it’ll be tracking down a copy. I got my copy via a giveaway on the movie’s official MySpace page, but as far as I know the film has never been for sale (although copies of the movie are floating around all over the net). At one time there were rumors of a higher quality remake in the works. I don’t know if that’s still the case or not, but if it ever comes to fruition, I’ll be the first in line.

If you’re looking to share a good laugh with your pals after the minor ghouls, ghosts and goblins have hit the sack, track down a copy of Camp Blood: The Musical this Halloween season.

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