SilverHawks – Volume Two on DVD

Way back in 2008, SilverHawks’ fan’s dream came true and the show finally got the start of a DVD release. The release was Volume 1 and it was not a slim release. It had the first 32 episodes of the coolest show this side of the Thundercats. We fans were all pretty excited for Volume Two and anticipated its imminent release. Well, 2009 came and went, then 2010. I personally thought that all hope was lost, but much to my surprise the Warner Archive let loose the news that the second volume of the SilverHawks was finally being made available. Reliving childhood joy was finally within my reach.

I finally got my copy and have been marathoning the show. Boy is this stuff good. For the uninitiated, SilverHawks was made by the same folks who did Thundercats and it has a lot in common with the show, but it has a more sci-fi feel to it. What is not to love? I mean look at these guys…

and listen to this description…

Partly Metal, Partly Real And All Heroes! The space-age successors to the ThunderCats are back, in this long anticipated second volume full of sci-fi cyber heroics. Animated by the same production company that handled ThunderCats and featuring many of the same voice actors, SilverHawks pits a team of cybernetically enhanced heroes against interstellar crime lord Mon*Star and his minions

The DVD contains the remaining 33 episodes not available in Volume 1. Those episodes are:

  1. Eye Of Infinity
  2. Smiley
  3. Gotbucks
  4. Melodia’s Siren Song
  5. Tally-Hawk Returns
  6. Undercover
  7. A Piece Of The Action
  8. Flashback
  9. Super Birds
  10. The Blue Door
  11. The Star Of Bedlam
  12. The Illusionist
  13. The Bounty Hunter Returns
  14. The Chase
  15. Switch
  16. Junkyard Dog
  17. Window In Time
  18. Gangwar (Part I)
  19. Gangwar (Part II)
  20. Sneak Attack (Part I)
  21. Sneak Attack (Part II)
  22. Moon*Star
  23. The Diamond Stick-Pin
  24. Burnout
  25. Battle Cruiser
  26. Small World
  27. Match-Up
  28. Stargazer’s Refit
  29. The Invisible Destroyer
  30. The Harder They Fall
  31. Uncle Rattler
  32. Zeek’s Power
  33. Airshow

That is 733 minutes of entertainment folks! That is easily two or three weeks worth of watching happiness (if you do not blast through them like I do), but if your a fan that is just a drop in the well because you will want to watch them again and again.

The release is currently only available through the Warner Archive. So stop on by and pick up SilverHawks – Volume Two on DVD and if you do not have it already pick up Volume 1 as well.

Perhaps if we buy enough and believe it can happen, we can get ourselves a remake like those popular Thundercats have? Believe in something people!


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